Your Senators Can Help Stop Netanyahu’s Illegal Annexation

Last month, DFA joined a petition with our allies at Americans for Peace Now to stop Netanyahu from unilaterally annexing parts of the West Bank.

Because of the work that DFA members like you have done to help our allies build this campaign and create grassroots pressure, some United States Senators are starting to take action.

Senator Chris Van Hollen has introduced an amendment that would block the Netanyahu government from using any U.S. aid to fund their illegal annexation plans.

This amendment is backed by 13 senators, and now we NEED your help to get more Senators to cosponsor the Van Hollen amendment.

Tell your Senators to cosponsor the Van Hollen amendment or thank them if they already have.

Due to support from the Trump administration, Netanyahu and his far-right allies see this moment as an opportunity to permanently seize Palestinian land, but thankfully, his annexation plan has temporarily stalled.

With this current delay, it is very crucial that DFA members and our allies at Americans for Peace Now use this opportunity to help bring an end to the threat of annexation.

If the Israeli Government knows loud and clear that the U.S. Senate fully opposes their plan, we can help permanently prevent the illegal and unilateral annexation that was supposed to officially happen on July 1st.

The rest of the world has condemned and resisted this plan, let's do our part and make sure that the United States Senate does the same.

Join DFA and Americans for Peace Now in telling our Senators to cosponsor the Van Hollen amendment.

By contacting your Senator you will show them that Americans recognize the rights of Palestinians while also caring deeply about achieving peace between Israel and Palestine.

Thank you for standing together against the annexation of the West Bank,

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