VICTORY: DFA says Dem House flip delivers “repudiation of Trump… mandate for inclusive populism”

According to projections from multiple networks, Democrats are on pace to win the Congressional seats necessary to seize the majority of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Statement from Democracy for America's Jim Dean on Democrats taking back control of the House:

"The flip of the U.S. House to Democratic control is a direct repudiation of Donald Trump's white nationalist agenda, a clear mandate for multiracial inclusive populism, and a testament to the leadership of the New American Majority of Black, brown, and progressive white voters who made it possible.

"While votes are still being counted in a number of races, we're particularly excited about the historic number of 'firsts' that were critical to helping Democrats recapture the House, including the congressional victories of the first Muslim and Native American women, the first Palestinian-American and Somali-American, and the numerous candidates who are breaking critical glass ceilings in their state's congressional delegations.

"These newly elected members of Congress will not only make the House and the Democratic caucus more diverse than ever before, their bold leadership will ensure that Democrats deliver on the inclusive populist progressive agenda that motivated a historic turn out of new and long-ignored voters driving victory on Election Day.

"Make no mistake: Tonight's House flip isn't simply a response to the massive distaste Americans have for the toxic stew of of bigotry, hate, and division Donald Trump has served up over the last two years.

"The New American Majority of Black, brown, and progressive white voters turned out in huge numbers because they finally had candidates who spoke to their needs, built the people-powered campaigns necessary to reach them, and put forward a bold vision for the country that included critical solutions like Medicare for All, a federal jobs guarantee, and real criminal justice reform.

"Voters have given Democrats in the House a mandate to demand accountability from an out-of-control White House and push forward a bold, inclusive populist agenda whenever and wherever they can. We hope they continue look to the grassroots to help them deliver." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

During the 2018 cycle, Democracy for America:

  • Raised and spent more than $8.2 million in support of progressive candidates across the country -- including more than $1.1 million raised directly from DFA members for DFA-endorsed candidates
  • Generated more than 3.5 million grassroots voter contact calls via it's DFA Dialer distributed calling platform -- the largest number of grassroots calls in a single election cycle that DFA has ever generated in its nearly 15-year history.
  • Backed 299 progressive candidates running all across the county -- the largest number of primary and general election endorsements in the organization's history
  • Provided direct support to the broadest range of candidates ever --backing an unprecedented 7 folks running for governor, 11 folks running for Senate, 44 for U.S. House, and 243 running for local office
  • Delivered on its commitment to building a more reflective democracy and fighting for racial justice by throwing its weight behind its most diverse slate of candidates ever -- 139 of the candidates DFA supported during the 2018 cycle are people of color, 157 are women or non-binary, and numerous others are poised to bust historic barriers to representation in Congress and Governor's mansions across the country.
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