VICTORY: DFA on Wesley Bell’s victory over 20+ year incumbent in St. Louis County prosecutor primary

Wesley Bell just won a major upset in his primary challenge of a 20+ year incumbent for St. Louis County (MO) prosecutor. Democracy for America endorsed Bell in the race in mid July.

Statement from Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean on Wesley Bell's transformative victory in the race for St. Louis County Prosecutor:

"We can't fundamentally reform our criminal justice system if we don't change our criminal prosecutors, and that's exactly what St. Louis County is poised to do tonight after Wesley Bell's stunning victory over a 20+ year incumbent.

"Arrest-and-incarcerate, win-at-any-cost prosecutors actively stand in the way of justice and, in the process, make entire communities less safe. Wesley Bell's victory tonight not only makes it clear that St. Louis County voters know that they can succeed when they demand more of the leaders they task with keeping their community safe, it shows progressives all across the country that change is possible in their communities too.

"Coupled with Larry Krasner's victory in Philadelphia in 2017 and Kim Foxx's win in her 2016 race for State's Attorney in Illinois, Wesley Bell's success shows us that voters are hungry for prosecutors who understand the structural racism that undergirds our criminal justice system and are committed to delivering on reforms that can fundamentally alter it, like ending cash bail and the independent review of police misconduct." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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