VICTORY: DFA cheers as Evers, Barnes “end Wisconsin’s nearly decade-long Scott Walker nightmare”

Thanks to a final round of absentee votes in Milwaukee, Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes finally ended Wisconsin's nearly decade-long Scott Walker nightmare.

Democracy for America was an early supporter of Barnes for Lt. Governor and formally endorsed Evers in October.

DFA's Executive Director Charles Chamberlain on Scott Walker's defeat by Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes:

"Tonight, the people of Wisconsin finally ended the career of a Governor who relentlessly attacked working families, repeatedly mortgaged the future of his state for his personal political gain, and ultimately functioned as little more than an errand boy for the wealthy and powerful interests who financed his campaigns.

"While the opportunity that Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes gave to Wisconsinites to finally retire Scott Walker was undeniably part of their appeal, they also ran a bold, inclusive populist race for Governor and Lieutenant Governor that gave voters an affirmative, visionary agenda they could be proud to get behind.

"Democracy for America was honored to support Evers and Barnes in their respective races and we look forward to joining them as they fight to deliver for Wisconsin working families while cleaning up the wreckage Scott Walker has left behind." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

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