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With President Donald Trump openly undermining our ability to conduct elections by mail and Republicans in state governments across the country actively working to deny people the opportunity to vote, this election will test our democracy like never before.

The Protect America’s Vote campaign aims to counteract Republican efforts to suppress the vote completely in as many places as possible. Where we can, the campaign will work to reduce the impact through direct support and creative actions.

We will register, engage, turn-out, and protect voters in the wake of the unique challenges posed by a blatantly anti-democratic White House and the COVID-19 crisis during what is likely one of the most important elections in American history.

The campaign targets 13 priority states where DFA members will have the highest impact:  Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and Florida. 

Our electoral strategy targets turning out the vote and raising the tide of progressive elected officials throughout all levels of government. From City Councils and District Attorneys to Congress and the Presidency, we look to endorse and support candidates in a “layer cake” strategy of overlapping elections that drive votes up and down the ticket, not just the ones at the top. That is why we have focused on thirteen states critical to victory in the Presidential race that also have the added value of flipping the U.S. Senate and/or winning federal, state or local-level races that are critically important to other progressive priorities (e.g. seizing state legislative chambers ahead of redistricting, protecting key progressive voices in the U.S. House, etc.)

In addition to identification, persuasion, and GOTV, we will engage in voter education. We will train candidates to organize voters, surrogates, base constituencies, and infrequent voters in distance digital organizing and mobilization strategies. We work in coordination with endorsed campaigns, so our efforts are targeted and aligned with their electoral strategies, not redundant or inconsistent. We will work hand in hand with them to expand the electorate, build for the surge in mail-in voting, and drive victory on Election Day.

Resist Donald Trump!

Democracy for America supporters like you are mobilizing to resist Donald Trump -- and defeat Trump Republicans in elections cross the country. Are you in?