Secret Police have No Place in America

Sen. Jeff Merkley here from Oregon. We face a grave threat to our democracy. Donald Trump has deployed secret police in my home city of Portland, and is threatening to do it in other cities across America.

His Department of Homeland Security is using unidentified paramilitary forces to patrol the streets of Portland, Oregon and they’re throwing people into unmarked vehicles. They’re using tear gas and munitions against peaceful protesters. 

We know Trump has coddled dictators like Putin in Russia and Duterte in the Philippines, and now he’s trying to act like them. 

The American people must speak out and say NO! We must defend the Constitution. 

Will you join me and Democracy for America and make your voice heard right now? Tell Trump that secret police have no place in America and tell Congress to prohibit these police state tactics.

When you sign this petition, you’ll be joining tens of thousands (hopefully, hundreds of thousands) of Americans demanding the protection of our democracy. I will stand up and make sure that my colleagues know what’s at stake and how many Americans are standing with us.

This is the stuff of anti-democratic nightmares. We must fight back. Sign this petition now!

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