Press Release

Released On: June 19, 2008


nations largest progressive political action community, has endorsed Don

Barbers campaign for the New York State Senate.

Don Barber has a long and impressive record as a

public servant and businessman and Democracy for America is proud to endorse his

campaign, said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. Don Barber is just the type of innovative,

progressive person we need in Albany.

Don Barber was born and raised on a

family dairy farm in Danby, New

York. The demands and joys of being part

of a family farm instilled in him a life-long belief in the power of working

hard to meet common goals. While Don was growing up, his father modeled civic

responsibility by serving as a town councilman and town justice. Don learned by

watching his father that it is each persons responsibility to work for the good

of the community.

In 1983, Don started his own

construction firm, Sunny Brook Builders, with the goal of being recognized in

the community for integrity, high quality work, and strong, well-rooted

relationships. Twenty-four years later, Sunny Brook Builders has met and

surpassed Dons original goals, and is recognized as a premier builder in Tompkins County. Under Dons

leadership, Sunny Brook Builders is a living wage employer, an Energy Star

builder, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Don has followed the example of his

father and worked for the good of the community by serving on advisory boards

since the early 1980s, as Town Councilman for four years, and now beginning his

11th year as Town Supervisor for the Town of Caroline.

"Democracy for America supports

candidates who demonstrate broad-based community support. DFA has been a strong

advocate for universal, quality, affordable health care. In addition, DFA has

been a leader in the battle to resolve the global climate crisis. I am honored

to have their endorsement of our grassroots campaign," said Don


Democracy for America is a key

endorsement in this race, bringing donations from progressives and providing

volunteers to participate in door-to-door, grassroots outreach. DFA has helped

elect over 550 progressives to office from Governor Deval Patrick in Massachusetts to Rep.

Jerry McNerney in Californias 11th

Congressional District.

Don Barber has shown time and again, whether in his

role as an elected official or as a small businessman, he has the vision and

foresight to tackle tough issues and work to advance progressive

values, said Arshad Hasan, Executive Director of Democracy for America. Don Barber will bring his years of experience to

Albany for the benefit of his constituents and all New


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