Press Release

Released: May 30, 2008

BURLINGTON, VT, our nations largest progressive political action organization, endorsed Ed Fallon for Congress because he offers his 3rd District constituents the leadership and intelligence they need in Washington. Ed Fallons opponent in the June 3rd primary is so out of touch with the needs of Iowans and so scared about losing this election his supporters have started to send false attack mailers to voters. (In an editorial published on May 29th the Des Moines Register debunks the false attack mailers:

What Leonard Boswell is selling, the voters arent buying. said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. Races like this are won at the door and over the phone. Ed Fallons grassroots campaign understands this and that is why he is going to win on June 3rd.

Democracy for America will use its grassroots infrastructure in the 3rd District to turn out hundreds of volunteers to participate in get out the vote activities in support of Ed Fallon. DFA and its members have, time and again, shocked the political establishment by focusing on the neighbor-to-neighbor outreach that is crucial for victory in tough races. Earlier this year, DFA and its members were instrumental in helping Donna Edwards defeat incumbent Congressman Al Wynn in Maryland.

Ed Fallons campaign which is funded by small donations from individuals contrasts with Leonard Boswells campaign which is dependent on large contributions from PACs like AT&T and Wal-Mart. Ed Fallon has excited and energized voters from across the District who have volunteered in large numbers to drive his people-powered campaign to victory in the primary. While Ed Fallon talks about bringing high-paying jobs to Iowa and fixing our countrys broken health care system and ending the War in Iraq, Leonard Boswell lashes out in a pathetic and vain attempt to confuse voters about his own shoddy record.

Leonard Boswell has had his chance and he has failed. Leonard Boswell has failed on education, on the environment, on farm issues, and on the War in Iraq, said Daniel I. Medress, Communications Director of Democracy for America. Ed Fallon has the grassroots support and understands the issues that matter to voters. That is why Ed Fallon was endorsed by the Des Moines Register and why Ed Fallon will win on June 3rd.

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