New DFA/PCCC Wisconsin TV Ad: “Recall Momentum”

**************Ad can be viewed here:************** Today Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released their next TV ad in Wisconsin, Recall Momentum. PCCC and DFA have spent over $500,000 on TV ads so far, and plan to keep running ads for weeks. The groups have also asked local members to volunteer on the recall, signing up thousands of shifts. The ad buy begins Tuesday, March 29 -- and first week's buy will be over $100,000 and will run on broadcast and cable in Green Bay and Milwaukee TV markets. The buys will be expanded based on online fundraising. Current ads can be viewed at where people are invited to take action locally or donate to keep the ad on TV nationally. "The Republican cuts in Wisconsin are having devastating effects on working families and DFA members are fighting back. DFA is on the ground and on the air in Wisconsin with more than 2,600 volunteers recruited for the recall campaign, more than half of the signatures gathered, and members nationwide supporting the new TV ad released today at:" -- Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. "This new TV ad captures the grassroots magic of the campaign to recall Republican senators. It also shows that folks in Wisconsin of all ages and political stripes are coming together to reject Republican policies that give millions to big corporations in tax cuts while forcing middle-class families, schools, and communities to pay the price." -- Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founder. The ads are sponsored by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee's "PCCC Recall Committee" and Democracy for America's "DFA Wisconsin" committee. Both groups will e-mail their members Tuesday to fundraise for the ad. DFA has over 1 million members nationally, and PCCC has over 700,000 members nationally -- both groups have about 25,000 members each in Wisconsin. Ad details: Green Bay Link (Hopper, Cowles, Olsen): Milwaukee Link (Darling, Grothman, Lazich): Ad Transcript: Rose Daitsman, Shorewood, WI I am eighty-five years old but I have never seen anything like this. Sen. Chris Larson, Bay View, WI We've been working at the recall efforts against the Republicans. This is the beginning of a movement. Reid Schoonover, Retired Teacher, Clintonville, WI People open the door, gladly, and say: "We heard you were out in the community and we've been waiting for you to come over here and get our signature." Mike Jabber, High School Teacher, Fon Du Lac, WI Our governor decides to give 117 million dollars in tax breaks to the corporations and now they want to make cuts to education. I can see class size going up to 35 or 40 kids in class. Mike Crump, Corrections Officer, Berlin, WI As a Republican my entire life I am appalled at what Scott Walker and the Republicans did. This hurts my family. Its about my kids in school. Valerie Landowski, Student, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Whether you're a college student like me or a kindergartener, the Republicans are hurting everyone. Reid Schoonover This is for my children, this is for my wife, this is for my friends, my neighbors, this is for our community Betsy LaFontaine, Customer Service Rep, Oshkosh, WI Republicans have declared war on the middle class and with this recall campaign we are fighting back and we are going to win. [GREEN BAY TEXT] Recall Randy Hopper, Robert Cowles & Luther Olsen [MILWAUKEE TEXT] Recall Alberta Darling, Glenn Grothman & Mary Lazich Paid for by the PCCC Recall Committee, Adam Green, Treasurer, and DFA Wisconsin, Mia Moore, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's agent or committee. # ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA Democracy for America is a people-powered Democratic Political Action Committee. With over one million members nationwide, DFA is a grassroots powerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from the bottom-up including over 25,000 in Wisconsin ABOUT PROGRESSIVE CHANGE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE The Progressive Change Campaign Committee ( elects bold progressive candidates to office and advocates for progressive policy issues. It has over 700,000 members -- including nearly 22,000 in Wisconsin. Paid for by Democracy for America,, and not authorized by any candidate.
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