NAFTA 2.0: DFA says Dem approval of heavily revised agreement today “is a major strategic misstep”

This morning, less than an hour after announcing impeachment articles against Donald Trump,  U.S. House Democratic leadership said that they would support the passage of the NAFTA 2.0 trade agreement.

The following is a statement from Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson responding to the U.S. House Democratic leadership’s NAFTA 2.0 announcement:

"On policy, the jury is still out on whether the heavily revised NAFTA 2.0 will be a win for the country.

"Some unions are supporting the deal while others aren't, but the idea that any trade agreement touched by the Trump administration can be trusted to protect the environment, prioritize worker safety, or hold big pharma's feet to the fire is absurd.

"Meanwhile, politically, making this deal today, of all days, is a major strategic misstep. Swing district Democrats won't win a single new vote by agreeing to pass this trade deal. Meanwhile, Donald Trump will be spending the next 11 months bragging about the trade agreement he "alone" passed, despite the political capital Democrats sunk into making sure NAFTA 2.0 was slightly better than the deal it’s replacing.

"Yes, Democrats made NAFTA 2.0 better, but any corporate Democrat who pushed to get this agreement passed that thinks Donald Trump is going to share the credit for those improvements is dangerously gullible.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

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