MYM Press Release

DFA Members, State Democratic Parties, and State and Local Governments to Declare Independence from Corrupt Big Banks

BURLINGTON, VT Democracy for America (DFA), the people powered PAC, announced the launch of a national campaign encouraging individual and institutional consumers to move their money from banks who received taxpayer funded bailouts to smaller local banks and credit unions. The three tiered campaign will first ask individuals to move their money, then DFA will help local groups organize state Democratic Parties to pass resolutions to move their money, and, finally, DFA groups will pressure state and local governments to move their money to local banks. Its time for us to declare our independence from too big to fail banks, said Charles Chamberlain, Political Director for Democracy for America. We cant wait for Congress to make this change happen. To regular Americans this issue isnt Left or Right it just makes sense. If enough people move their money from a big bank to a smaller, more local, more traditional community bank, we can break up the big banks ourselves. DFA is joining the Move Your Money campaign started in December 2009 by Arianna Huffington, founder of the DFA's grassroots groups will be organizing local Democratic Parties and state and local governments to move their money. On DFAs efforts, Huffington said, I am very excited to see DFA add their grassroots organizing power to Move Your Money. DFA members aren't waiting for Congress. They have the power to break up the big banks starting now. The campaign is endorsed by filmmaker and activist Michael Moore. Move Your Money before some 'too big to fail' bank moves it for you -- into their pockets. If our elected officials won't punish the banks that took our money, here's a way to do it yourself. Starve the big banks, Moore stated. The campaign launches this week and will culminate in dozens of rallies organized by DFA members across the nation on July 4th declaring independence from big banks. ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA Democracy for America is a people powered PAC. With over one million members nationwide, DFA is a grassroots powerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from the bottom-up.
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