Eighteen grassroots groups launch effort to ensure progressives win in 2020 nomination fight

‘Progressives Unite 2020’ is comprised of organizations supporting Sanders, Warren, unaligned in primary 

Today, 18 days ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, Democracy for America (DFA) is joining with more than a dozen grassroots progressive groups to launch the “Progressives Unite 2020” campaign with a pledge that underscores our commitment to electing a progressive president.

The eighteen grassroots progressive groups joining the campaign in its launch include organizations that are supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, those who are supporting both, and those, like Democracy for America, who have not yet endorsed any candidate in the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

The eighteen groups partnering in this campaign at launch include (note: 2020 endorsement noted where applicable):

  1. Be A Hero Action Fund
  2. Black Male Voter Project
  3. Black Voters Matter Fund
  4. Center for Popular Democracy Action (Sanders)
  5. Democracy for America
  6. Dream Defenders (Sanders)
  7. Inequality Media Civic Action
  8. Justice Democrats
  9. Our Revolution (Sanders)
  10. People’s Action (Sanders)
  11. Presente Action
  12. Progress America
  13. Progressive Change Campaign Committee (Warren)
  14. Progressive Democrats of America (Sanders)
  15. RootsAction (Sanders)
  16. Social Security Works
  17. Sunrise Movement (Sanders)
  18. Working Families Party (Warren)

Each group joining the campaign are signed on to the three-part “Progressives Unite 2020 Pledge”:

  • We pledge to make our case to the American people on why our chosen candidate is the best choice to defeat Trump.
  • We pledge to focus our fight for the nomination against candidates supported by the corporate wing, instead of fighting each other.
  • We pledge to come together in state caucuses, primaries and conventions from the first vote in Iowa to the last vote at the DNC Convention in Wisconsin to ensure a progressive wins the nomination and America elects a Progressive President!

As a part of the Progressives Unite 2020 campaign, the grassroots groups involved will be asking their members to join them in signing the “Unite Pledge” at http://progressivesunite2020.com/ and commit to voting strategically for the top two progressive candidates in their caucus or primary.

As a part of the campaign's work in the early state of Iowa, the groups behind Progressives Unite 2020 will be working to ensure their members do not leave their Feb. 3 caucus site without casting their final vote for one of the top two progressives in the race.

The Iowa Strategic Voting Plan is simple. If the candidate you support does not reach the viability threshold (15%) in your caucus, the campaign will be organizing voters to move to one of the top two progressives rather than going home or aligning with a candidate supported by the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

Statements from the grassroots groups behind Progressives Unite 2020:

  • Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America: “When progressives fight each other, the establishment wins. We saw it in 2004 when progressives took each other out and John Kerry slipped through to win Iowa and then went on to lose in November to a very unpopular Republican incumbent. We’re determined to not let that happen again.”
  • Jennifer Epps-Addison, Co-Executive Director, Center for Popular Democracy Action: "Center for Popular Democracy Action is proud to support Bernie Sanders for President, but our movement is much bigger than a single candidate or a single election. To make this country a place where Black and Brown people, immigrants, native people, LGBTQ people, working people and women can thrive, we need a strong and united progressive movement."
  • Alan Minsky and Donna Smith, Executive Director and Chair, Progressive Democrats of America: “Progressive Democrats of America has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President, but we love Elizabeth Warren too. At a time when progressive policies resonate with Americans across the political spectrum, we need a progressive Democratic presidential nominee for the sake of the country and the world; and in order to defeat Donald Trump.”
  • Bree Carlson, Deputy Director, People’s Action: "We need a President who will put the interests of everyday people ahead of those of the wealthy elite and big corporations. Our members voted to endorse Senator Sanders as the best choice for President because he is ready to work side by side with us to do just that. Senator Warren is our clear second choice, both Senator Sanders and Senator Warren stand heads and shoulders above the candidates seeking only to prop up the status quo of corporate interests."
  • Progressive Change Campaign Committee: "We need a bold progressive president. In our opinion, the most inspirational and electable Democrat we could nominate is Elizabeth Warren. We are joining this effort out of a belief that it represents leaders in the progressive movement urging everyone from campaign staff to Twitter commenters to focus on defeating a corporate, establishment Democrat like Joe Biden. This effort inherently includes standing opposed to sexism and bad-faith arguments in the primary process. We look forward to working with our friends to enforce these principles."

  • Jonel Edwards, Co-Director, Dream Defenders: “We are clear on why we chose to endorse Bernie Sanders and we’re also clear that a moderate Democrat can’t win the nomination and they won’t beat Trump.”

  • Liz Jaff, President, Be A Hero: “This year, progressives have their best chance in a generation to elect a transformational, visionary president who can actually address the crises we face. Whether it’s ballooning inequality, climate chaos, or the health care crisis, our challenges are too immense for us to be distracted by infighting on the left. We have to keep our eyes on the ball, resist the temptation to form a circular firing squad, and collaborate to ensure a real progressive leader is elected President in November.”

  • Maurice Mitchell, National Director, Working Families Party: “We're all in with Elizabeth Warren, but we're lucky to have two progressive champions in this race fighting for transformational change. Either Sanders or Warren would be a historic president. If progressives can keep their fire trained on Trump and the corporate Democrats, we can elect a progressive who will finally make this country work for the many, not the few.”

  • Matt Nelson, Executive Director, Presente Action: “In this emergency election, who we elect for the next four years will determine the future of our democracy and of life on the planet. We have a duty to elect a president who will not do the bidding of corrupt billionaires and criminal corporations. At a time when our country is flooded with propaganda, bitterly divided, and experiencing the greatest economic disparity in history, we need a president who will support progressive social change at all levels. And we need someone who is supported by a mass social movement powerful enough to defeat monied interests and the status quo.”
  • Joseph Geevarghese, Executive Director, Our Revolution: “Our members are ready to elect Bernie Sanders as our next President, but we must be clear. 2020 is a must-win moment for the progressive movement. It is the best opportunity we have to transform our political system – and take power back from the corporate elites who seek to destroy our country and our climate. We know there are more of us than there are of them. And if we come together and organize, we will win 2020.”

  • Linda Benesch, Communications Director, Social Security Works: "Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both longtime progressive champions. Social Security Works has fought alongside them for years to protect and expand Social Security, and we know that either one would be a vastly better president for working people than candidates from the corporate wing of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, Democrats need a progressive nominee with a stellar record on Social Security to win back seniors and defeat Donald Trump.
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