DFA Dialer - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does DFA Dialer work?

The system will dial numbers for you. As you're connected with each voter, you'll see their information and a script show up on the web page. You'll record responses and then move on to the next voter.

How do I log in to DFA Dialer? When will I start talking to voters?

  1. Start at dfadialer.com
  2. Click on the photo of the candidate you’d like to call for.
  3. On the next screen, enter your name, email, phone number, and zipcode to log in. (If this is your first time suing the DFA Dialer, please check the box indicating this is your first time.
  4. On the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Let’s get started.”
  5. The next step is connecting your computer and phone to the Hubdialer:
    1. Dial the phone number on your screen
    2. When prompted, enter the dial in code on your screen into your phone
    3. Enter the confirmation code you hear into the box on your computer screen
    4. Click “Start Calls.” You will be connected to voters as soon as they pick up the phone

Who will I be calling? What do I need to say?

You'll be calling likely supporters and encouraging them to vote in this election. You do not need to be an expert on the candidate(s) you're calling for -- the script will have the information you need.

Will I see a script before I start talking to voters?

Yes. Once you log in, you will be given an opportunity to review the script and get comfortable with it. You can take as much time as you need on this screen before you begin taking calls.

Will people be able to see my phone number or Caller ID?

No, the Caller ID that shows up will be for the campaign headquarters, not your own name and number.

Is this long distance? Will I be charged for these calls?

If calling from a cell phone (unless you have unlimited minutes) it will count as “minutes” used. Landline phones may be charged if you typically get charged for long distance (usually people have unlimited long distance calling on landlines, so if they can normally call a number outside their area code without a charge they should not be charged for calling hubdialer either).

Do I need to have a computer? Can I use just my tablet or smartphone?

You need to have a phone to make calls (either mobile or landline phones), AND ALSO a computer or tablet to follow along on the phonebanking website. iPads work, and other tablets that connect to the internet will also.

Do I need to commit to the full shift? Can I take breaks?

We encourage volunteers to commit to a full shift of calls, although it is possible to end earlier if you have schedule conflicts that might otherwise prevent you from signing up at all. If necessary, you can take short breaks during the shift.

What if my plans change?

If you can’t make your scheduled shift, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to let us know. Remember, the dialer will be open 3pm - 8 pm in the candidate’s local time, so you can definitely log in to make calls later on the day of your scheduled shift.

How can I sign up for more shifts?

Sign up to make calls for Mike Espy here:


I’m having trouble logging in…

If you’re a first time caller, make sure you check the the checkbox on the login form that says “This is the first time you’ve signed into HubDialer.” If you have logged in to the dialer before, and are still having trouble, please close your browser then follow the steps at the top of this page to access the site and log in.

I’m getting an error message that says I am outside the available times for the campaign. What does that mean?

You may be calling before 3pm or after 9 pm in the candidate’s local time zone. If that’s not the case, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to let us know! Or, go back to dfadialer.com and select a different candidate.

I’m getting an error message that saying the campaign has ended. What should I do?

That means our volunteers have finished calling all the voters a campaign has given us! We encourage you to return to dfadialer.com, and find another candidate to make calls for until we get a new list of voters.

My confirmation code expired. What do I do now?

Just refresh your page to get a new call in number and code.

I’ve logged in, but now I’m just hearing hold music. What’s going on?

The dialer is calling voters and screening out voicemails, disconnected numbers, etc. When a live voter answers, you’ll be connected, and a script will appear on your screen.

How do I code in my results after the call?

On the script you will see checkboxes to enter in the information, click the box to select the result. Make any additional notes in the “notes” box. Once you’re done, click “next call” to go on to the next call

Why won’t it call another voter?

The system will not move you onto the next call until you have submitted your information and clicked “next call.” The hold between calls can be one minute or more. If you are hearing music, the system is dialing so be patient. If you’re not hearing music, or you’ve been on hold longer than three minutes, try hanging up your phone and then logging out and logging back in again.

I’m getting a lot of wrong or disconnected numbers. Why is this happening?

Sometimes the information in the voter file is out of date - people have moved or changed phone numbers since the last election. Making a note of the wrong and disconnected numbers is important, because it saves time during the final days of the election.

Voters are grumpy. Do these calls even help?

They do! Several studies have shown that a direct, live conversation with a voter is the best way to get them to vote. Door-to-door and phone contact is more effective than TV ads, direct mail, or robocalls.

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