DFA says Trump’s SOTU speech “reminded us why he isn’t fit to lead a golf tournament,” let alone U.S

In response to tonight's State of the Union Address, which marked the second time in US history an address has ever been delayed, Yvette Simpson, Executive Director of Democracy for America, issued the following statement:

"In his speech tonight, Donald Trump reminded us why he isn't fit to lead a golf tournament, let alone the most powerful country in the world. Obsessed with the sound of his own voice, he continues to lie incessantly, spew hate, breed division, and embarrass all of us on the international stage. We deserve so much better.

"With Donald Trump at the helm, the state of our union is more fractured than it's been in our lifetimes.

"One of the night's few saving graces is knowing that the progressive leaders who suffered through Trump's speech from the House floor are backed up by a grassroots movement led by the New American Majority of Black, brown, and progressive white voters who ready for bold, inclusive populist reform.

"With every lie he told, fear he tried to exploit, and failure he attempted to spin tonight, Donald Trump has made the difficult task of beating him in 2020 a little easier by encouraging the countless Americans he has harmed to work even harder for the more just and equitable America we know is possible." -- Yvette Simpson, Executive Director, Democracy for America

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