DFA responds to Zephyr Teachout’s big win NY-19 primary

DFA-backed candidate Zephyr Teachout just won the Democratic Party primary in New York’s 19th Congressional District.

Statement from Democracy for America's Chair Jim Dean on Zephyr Teachout’s big win in the NY-19:

"Zephyr Teachout’s primary victory tonight isn't just an important win for the political revolution behind Bernie Sanders, it's an important win for anyone who believes that our country needs bold leaders in Washington who will stand up to a corrupt political system and work hand-in-hand with the grassroots to deliver on populist progressive priorities.

"Few candidates are better prepared than Zephyr Teachout to run and win the kind of aggressive, people-powered campaign needed to beat back the wealthy hedge funders like Paul Singer who are already pouring millions into SuperPACs designed to aid whichever Trump-enabling Republican she faces in November.  

“Wall Street is scared to death of being held accountable by Zephyr Teachout in the halls of Congress and we couldn’t be more excited to work our hearts out over the next 132 days to make sure they are.” -- Jim Dean, Chair Democracy for America.

Key facts about Democracy for America and our support for Zephyr Teachout:

  • DFA endorsed Teachout for Congress in March 2016.
  • Since DFA’s endorsement, DFA members contributed more than $42,000 to Teachout’s campaign via more than 6,600 individual contributions ($5.99 avg. individual contribution)
  • DFA members also worked closely with the Sanders campaign to help make thousands of GOTV calls in support of Teachout using the BernieDialer volunteer phonebanking tool.
  • Teachout, who served as the Director of Internet Organizing for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign, has a long history with many members of DFA, which was founded by Dean following his presidential campaign.  Dean also endorsed Teachout’s campaign.
  • DFA has one million members nationwide and 110,303 in the state of New York.   
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