DFA on Trump Border Speech: U.S. has “a national security disaster in the Oval Office,” not a crisis

In response to Trump's speech on the government shutdown and the self-created crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border, Democracy for America released the following statement:

"America doesn't have a national security crisis on our southern border, we have a national security disaster in the Oval Office.

"The bizarre rant Donald Trump delivered tonight was not only a dangerous escalation of white supremacist fear-mongering, it was a crystal clear indication that there is no limit to the lies he's willing to tell or the American families he's willing to hold hostage to pursue his racist agenda.

"Americans sent a historic, progressive wave to Washington last November, because they wanted leaders in Congress committed to fighting for an inclusive populist agenda, standing up to Donald Trump, and stopping the monument to bigotry, hate, and division he's obsessed with constructing on our southern border.

"As they fight to get more than 800,000 federal workers back to work and stand strong against a senseless border wall being built, Democrats are being the kind of leaders America needs. It's time for Congressional Republicans to quit their cowering, find their backbones, and join them." -- Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America (DFA)

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