DFA on Guns Action: Only option given GOP “owned by a industry that’s content supplying terrorists”

Reaction from Democracy for America on the President's executive action on guns today:

"Given that Republicans in Congress are outright owned by a gun industry that's content with supplying terrorists and profiting off of the murder of Americans, the executive actions taken today are some of the only options left for the President to reduce gun violence in America. 

"While far more needs to be done to slow the gun violence that's ripping apart American families every day, Democracy for America members thank President Obama for today's concrete actions to limit the number of guns that fall into the wrong hands and for continuing to stand up to the merchants of death in the gun industry and their cheerleaders at the NRA." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America.

Democracy for America is a national progressive organization with more than 1 million members nationwide and has been a long-time advocate for commonsense gun reform.  Here's a statement DFA put out immediately following last month's tragedy in San Bernardino.

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