DFA: Kavanaugh vote is a “generational mistake” that “we are committed to ensuring [GOP] pays for”

Moments ago the U.S. Senate Senate, in an overwhelmingly Republican vote, approved the nomination of accused sexual assault perpetrator Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Democracy for America's Karli Wallace Thompson, the lead of DFA's #StopKavanaugh campaign, following the Senate's vote for Kavanaugh:

"Over the course of the last few weeks, Brett Kavanaugh has lied repeatedly to the U.S. Senate, proven himself to be temperamentally unfit for a position on any court, and faced extremely credible accusations of sexual assault and misconduct.

"Forcing Brett Kavanaugh on to the Supreme Court was a generational mistake for Republicans, one we are committed to ensuring they pay for at the ballot box for years to come."

"The vote for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was a vote against survivors of sexual violence, a vote for the continued devolution of our country's political institutions, and a vote that we will work to ensure is written into the political epitaph of every Senator cruel and grossly partisan enough to cast it." -- Karli Wallace Thompson, Senior Digital Manager & lead of DFA's #StopKavanaugh Campaign, Democracy for America

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