DFA: Judiciary Committee vote to advance Kavanaugh “may mark the beginning of the end… for SCOTUS”

Minutes ago the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, in a party-line vote, voted to advance accused sexual assault perpetrator Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Democracy for America's Karli Wallace Thompson, the lead of DFA's #StopKavanaugh campaign, on the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote:

"Senate Republicans' decision to railroad Brett Kavanaugh's nomination through the Judiciary Committee after yesterday's fearless and compelling testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is disgusting, and may very well mark the beginning of the end for the respect the majority of Americans once had for the Supreme Court.

"During his unhinged, conspiracy-laden partisan rantings during yesterday's hearings, Brett Kavanaugh not only displayed a temperament that is manifestly unfit for our nation's highest court, but the kind of anger, vitriol, and casual disregard for others that you'd expect to see from a perpetrator of sexual assault.

"The full Senate still has a chance to stop a credibly accused sexual assault perpetrator from securing a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. We urge members of the U.S. Senate to do the right thing and listen to the majority of Americans who don't want to see Brett Kavanaugh on the court.  The very least Republicans could do is to follow through on Sen. Jeff Flake's request and delay any floor vote on Kavanaugh until a full FBI investigation is conducted and its results are released to the public.

"A vote for the confirmation of Kavanaugh is a vote against survivors of sexual violence, a vote for the continued devolution of our country's political institutions, and a vote that we will work to ensure is written into the political epitaph of any Senator cruel and grossly partisan enough to cast it." -- Karli Wallace Thompson, Senior Digital Manager & lead of DFA's #StopKavanaugh Campaign, Democracy for America

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