DFA CEO celebrates Tishaura Jones’ primary victory in St. Louis

Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson released the following statement regarding Tishaura Jones advancing to a runoff in the St. Louis, MO mayoral primary:


“Congratulations to Tishaura Jones for not only making it to the runoff for Mayor of St. Louis, MO, but for also leading with appearing on 57% of ballots cast,” said Yvette Simpson, CEO. “We at DFA are thrilled that Tishaura was the top vote getter in this primary election and we will continue to work with her campaign to seal a victory on April 6th. We named her “21 to Watch in ‘21” and it was for this reason -- she’s ready to lead the city of St. Louis.

“St. Louis voters are ready for real change, real progressive leadership, and they know that the best person to lead them during this critical time in their city, and in this nation, is Tishaura Jones. 

“We endorsed her campaign when she announced because she is the right candidate to lead St. Louis right now. She is progressive in her values and she showed herself to be bold and unapologetic by enacting a $15/hr minimum wage in the Treasurer’s office and launching the nation’s second-largest children’s savings program, College Kids, which has over 16,300 children enrolled and more than $1.2 million saved for their futures.

“Tishaura has proven time and again that she is a leader working for the people of St. Louis, and St. Louis voters know it.”

DFA has 5,653 members in St. Louis, 23,899 in the state of Missouri, and more than one million members nationwide.

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