DFA Celebrates Jaime Harrison being chosen as DNC Chair

Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson released the following statement in response to Biden’s selection of Jaime Harrison for DNC Chair:

“Congratulations to Jaime Harrison for being chosen to be the next Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair. We at DFA are thrilled that Jaime is President-elect Joe Biden's pick to lead the party right now, as Democrats and the progressive movement make waves in the deep South and across the country. 

“We were proud early supporters of Jaime Harrison’s candidacy in South Carolina’s U.S. Senate campaign in November against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Not only did Jaime shatter fundraising records, but more importantly he changed the conversation about what real leadership means, and what South Carolinians deserve and should demand of their elected leaders. 

“Although he did not prevail in that race, Jaime was a force to reckon with and proved he can galvanize people the party seeks to reach. While Lindsey Graham continues to whine about the impeachment of Donald Trump and campaign against his removal from office, the Democratic party and progressive leaders are celebrating Jaime’s new role in the DNC and excited about him working to expand the electorate, prioritizing organizing and engaging the New American Majority, particularly Black and brown voters, and supporting this issues that matter to everyday people. 

“Jaime is a breath of fresh air for the party and his talent for engaging people across the demographics of race, age, income status and lived experiences will serve the party and the people well. We look forward to his leadership and service.

“President-elect Joe Biden has said he is ‘building an administration that looks like America.’ With Jaime as his pick to lead the party under his administration, he kept his word. We have always said representation matters; we are glad our voices are being heard.” – Yvette Simpson, CEO

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