Democracy for America endorses Tishaura Jones for St. Louis Mayor

Today, moments after announcing her bid, Democracy for America (DFA) backed Tishaura Jones for Mayor of St. Louis, MO in the grassroots progressive organization's first 2021 endorsement.

Democracy for America is a proud, long-time supporter of Jones. The national grassroots progressive group proudly endorsed Jones during her 2017 mayoral bid and supported her in the 2020 St. Louis Treasurer race that she won decisively last night.

Statement from DFA CEO Yvette Simpson on the grassroots progressive group’s endorsement of Jones’ reelection bid:

“Throughout her career, Tishaura Jones has been an unyielding progressive champion for St. Louis’ working families. We’ve seen Tishaura take on big fights, deliver on bold ideas, and stand up for those who the people in power too often ignore, and that’s why Democracy for America is excited to endorse Tishaura Jones for Mayor of St. Louis.

“As St. Louis’ City Treasurer, Tishaura Jones hasn’t just talked a good progressive game, she has put progressive values into action.

“From her battles to increase transparency in city government, to her efforts to give every kindergartner in St. Louis a $50 college savings account and ensure that everyone working for her receives a minimum wage of $15 an hour, Tishaura Jones has worked to address systemic inequities and create a city that works for everyone who calls St. Louis home -- not just the wealthy few.

“Tishaura Jones is the kind of bold, visionary, and collaborative change agent that a great American city like St. Louis deserves to have as Mayor. Tishaura is building a mayoral campaign that brings everyone in and leaves nobody out, and Democracy for America could not be more honored to be standing with her from Day One.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

Statement from Tishaura Jones on receiving DFA’s endorsement in her just-launched 2021 race for mayor:

“I’m incredibly grateful to have received DFA’s endorsement in this race! DFA is an organization that fights for progressive causes that improve the lives of working families. I’ll run a race to make them and all of their supporters proud - one that brings together a broad coalition of working people who are eager to create a government of, by, and for St. Louis’ families.” -- Tishaura Jones, Treasurer, City of St. Louis, MO

DFA has 5,653 members in St. Louis, 23,899 in the state of Missouri, and more than one million members nationwide.

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