Democracy for America endorses Maya Wiley for NYC Mayor

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement of Maya Wiley for Mayor of New York City.

This is the first time Democracy for America has endorsed in a New York City mayoral primary in the grassroots progressive group’s 16-year history.

Statement from DFA CEO Yvette Simpson on DFA’s endorsement of Maya Wiley for New York City Mayor:

“In 2021, New Yorkers have an opportunity to elect a leader who is fearlessly progressive, unbought, unbossed, and ready to make history the very moment she’s sworn in -- and that’s why Democracy for America is excited to endorse Maya Wiley for New York City Mayor.

“A nationally recognized leader in the fight for racial justice and equity, Maya Wiley understands that building-back after the pandemic requires a New York City Mayor who’ll be ready to take on the status quo, confront systemic inequities, and put forward solutions that ensure that every single New Yorker can thrive.

“Going back to the way New York was before the coronavirus crisis or millions hit the street this past summer demanding action on racial injustice isn’t just impossible, it’s indefensible. However, to get a different result, New Yorkers need a leader at the top who knows how to get things done but truly reflects the heartbeat and the soul of New York City in a way that no mayor has who came before her.

“Maya Wiley is a trailblazer and truth-teller. Democracy for America is honored to support Maya Wiley for New York City Mayor because we know she’ll make history and make us proud as an unyielding champion for a more just, equitable, and prosperous city for everyone who calls New York home.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

Statement from Maya Wiley on receiving DFA’s endorsement:

“I am honored to receive the support and endorsement of Democracy For America. Their members understand the power of what is possible when we come together and organize from the ground up and over the past decade and a half, DFA has boosted a number of progressive champions into elected offices around the country.

“This campaign is about ensuring that the people have a voice in City Hall and I am looking forward to working with DFA and their members to ensure New York City is a place that works for us all.” -- Maya Wiley

DFA has 25,351 members in New York City and more than one million members nationwide.

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