Democracy for America endorses Hillary Clinton for President, praises Bernie Sanders run

This morning, Democracy for America (DFA) praised Bernie Sanders for his transformational presidential campaign and joined him in endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Here's the full statement from Democracy for America's Charles Chamberlain on the organization's endorsement of Clinton:

"Bernie Sanders not only ran a presidential campaign that ensured that the populist progressive values he's fought for his entire life are at the center of the 2016 debate, he built a grassroots movement with the campaign skills, battle-tested grit, and unrelenting determination to keep the Democratic Party on that path for the next generation.  

"Our members voted overwhelming to endorse Bernie Sanders and then threw everything they could into his race, because they knew the stakes of this election.  Donald Trump won't just cement the corrosive trends of income inequality, structural racism, and out-of-control money in politics into the national agenda, he'll double down on them and add a little unrepentant bigotry on the side.

"Which is why, today, Democracy for America is continuing to stand with Bernie Sanders by joining him in formally endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

"While DFA was committed to supporting the Democratic nominee even before we ran our presidential endorsement poll, our support for Hillary Clinton isn't just about Democratic unity or her being our only hope for soundly defeating billionaire bigot Donald Trump.

We're backing Hillary Clinton in the race for President because she gives our country the opportunity to smash one of its last great glass ceilings and will be the partner we need in the White House to realize the agenda that Bernie Sanders's political revolution fought for in the primaries -- from tuition-free college to Social Security expansion.

"As with any Democratic president, DFA is not going to agree with every decision Hillary Clinton makes and, when our members think she's wrong, we won't shy away from making sure their voices are heard.  

"During the battle for the Democratic nomination and especially since the conclusion of primary voting, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a real willingness to listen and respond favorably to the the big, bold populist progressive ideas that inspired the political revolution and we're excited to do everything we can to ensure that continues in her White House."  -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Key facts about Democracy for America and the 2016 Democratic presidential primary:

  • DFA endorsed Bernie Sanders for President after the Senator received 87.9% of the more than 271,000 votes cast in a DFA member endorsement vote in December.  This was the first presidential primary endorsement in DFA's 11-year history.

  • Details about DFA's support for Bernie Sanders:

    • Since endorsing Sanders in December 2015, DFA members have contributed more than $1.88 million to Bernie's presidential campaign  --  the most DFA has ever raised for a single candidate in its 12-year history.

    • DFA members participated in over 115,000 volunteer phone shifts that helped the campaign make 75 million voter contact calls and knock on 5 million doors.

    • DFA also worked closely with the Sanders team to help design the training tools that helped the campaign maximize the impact of ever volunteer recruit.

  • DFA has over 1 million members across the country.

  • Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors, made over 11 million phone calls, and raised and contributed more than $32.7 million to help elect 843 progressive candidates nationwide.

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