Democracy for America (DFA) Calls for Donald Trump to be Removed from Office

The horror we witnessed earlier this week – as our United States Capitol was breached for the first time since 1814, during a time of war – was an act of domestic terror, committed by traitors who are, and hold themselves out to be, Trump supporters. 

What we witnessed shocked our conscience, but was not a surprise. Not to us. Not to those of us in the movement. 

We, at Democracy for America, along with many other activists, organizations, and leaders of this country have been sounding the alarm about Donald Trump for years. Aided and abetted by a cadre of sycophants and enablers since he took office has only emboldened his autocratic and fascist behavior and rhetoric.  

The violence and destruction that occurred was stoked by our Commander-in-Chief, and it happened because he encouraged and facilitated it; he set the stage, he struck the match and he fanned the flames. The anarchy we witnessed today was a direct manifestation of Donald Trump’s prolonged and unchecked sedition. Since its inception, his presidency has sought to undermine the very democratic foundation of this nation and take power away from the people. 

What we witnessed this week was an attempted coup -- sanctioned by the sitting president.

Therefore, Democracy for America is calling on Donald Trump to be removed from office immediately, either by enacting the 25th Amendment or by Articles of Impeachment. 

After that, he must be charged with any and all crimes for which he may be guilty and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We must also ensure that he can never hold public office ever again.

The United States of America must send a strong message to our enemies, foreign and domestic, that sedition, anarchy, and domestic terrorism will not be tolerated, by anyone, especially our Commander-in-Chief.

We must act now. We must defend our democracy. Donald Trump is unfit to remain in office.

Remove Donald Trump from office immediately. Link to our petition here:


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