Before Election Day, DFA marks record-breaking 3+ million voter contact calls in 2018 cycle

On Sunday, Democracy for America completed its 3 millionth voter contact call of the 2018 election cycle using its DFA Dialer distributed calling tool.

Even before Election Day, this is the largest number of grassroots calls in a single election cycle that DFA has ever generated in its nearly 15-year history.

The DFA Dialer, which DFA has deployed in every election since 2010, allows grassroots volunteers to make targeted persuasion and Get-Out-the-Vote calls to voters in races featuring DFA-endorsed candidates critical to helping build progressive power, up and down the ballot, all across the country.

It's also notable that DFA is breaking its record for grassroots activity during a 2018 election cycle in which it has also:

  • Backed 299 progressive candidates running all across the county -- the largest number of primary & general election endorsements in the organization's history
  • Provided direct support to the broadest range of candidates ever --backing an unprecedented 7 folks running for governor, 10 folks running for Senate, 44 for U.S. House, and 243 running for local office
  • Delivered on its commitment to building a more reflective democracy and fighting for racial justice by throwing its weight behind its most diverse slate of candidates ever -- 139 of the candidates DFA supported during the 2018 cycle are people of color, 157 are women or non-binary, and numerous are poised to bust historic barriers to representation in Congress and Governor's mansions across the country.

Democracy for America Electoral Director Annie Weinberg on DFA's 3+ million calls and epic levels of grassroots action ahead of Election Day 2018:

"The volume of grassroots activity and action we've seen a wide range of different races all across the country this cycle is not something that I've ever seen before.

"We're incredibly proud of the record-breaking, over 3 million grassroots voter contact calls we've made so far this cycle and will make over the next 27+ hours before polls begin closing.

"We're also grateful for the bold candidates -- led by women and people of color -- whose runs have helped build this wave of people-power; the campaigns who were willing to run better targeted campaigns to expand the electorate and center the New American Majority; and the tens of thousands of individual volunteers who turned the despair they felt in 2016 into action over the last two years.

"We've got a lot of work still left to do to ensure that no voter gets left behind, but the grassroots energy we're seeing at DFA and across the country should give all of us reason for a lot of hope." -- Annie Weinberg, Elector Director, Democracy for America

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