Maxwell Frost

U.S. House, FL-10

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My name is Maxwell Alejandro Frost and I’ve spent my life as an organizer, fighting for the future we deserve. I’m running for Congress because I know we won’t change the system until we change our leadership. It’s time for poor, working-class, and young people to have a seat at the table. As the first generation-z member of Congress, from day one, I will fight to end gun violence, win Medicare For All, transform our racist criminal justice system, and end the climate crisis. My campaign is about organizing a coalition of people behind a platform that represents their values and interests.

I know how to hold power to account. As a National Organizer with the ACLU, I pushed Joe Biden to agree to abolish the Hyde Amendment, an act that has limited abortion access for millions of people. I organized in the movement that restored voting rights to 1.6 million Floridians with previous felonies. I’ve led thousands of young activists in the fight against gun violence as the National Organizing Director of March for Our Lives.

At this point, no one from my generation, Generation Z, has been in Congress. It’s time that we get Gen Z representation and folks who come from the movement world in our government. Poor and working-class folks deserve a seat at the table.

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