Jevin Hodge

U.S. House, AZ-01

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My mother raised my brother and me by herself. We lived in public housing and survived on food stamps. It wasn’t always easy–but she showed us what hard work looks like. My mother became the first Black woman elected in Tempe and now, I’m so proud to be following in her footsteps. I was the first person in my family to attend college and now have a great job as a problem-solver. Professionally, I help businesses, governments, and nonprofits solve pressing issues, such as combating COVID-19, addressing homelessness, and expanding access to early childhood education. In my spare time, I throw myself into public service, leading organizations like the Booker T. Washington Child Development Center, one of the longest-running Head Start programs in the nation.

I am no stranger to running for office in tough races. In 2020, I came within 0.1% (403 votes) of flipping a historically-red district of Maricopa County that was 20% larger than the average Congressional district. I raised a record amount, about $300,000, for my last race and will ensure that we build the financial operation and have the resources to share my distinct story and to truly resonate with voters to break through on the crowded airwaves.

What am I fighting for?

I got my opportunity, but right now, Washington isn’t doing enough to help Arizonans get theirs. I am running for Congress to change that and be a champion for voting rights, healthcare, and finally combating income inequality. On these important issues, Arizona voters will have a choice between my campaign and my story, and an incumbent, David Schweikert, plagued by ethics scandals.

AZ-06 has been increasingly competitive, was on Red-to-Blue in 2020, and starts 2022 on the DCCC target list. Schweikert is a poor fundraiser and is disliked within his own party. While we are confident that redistricting will make this district more competitive, we know that even under the current district boundaries, a Democrat can win.

My DFA Values

My top priority is getting American families and businesses past the pandemic. We need to give people of all backgrounds a fair chance to not just recover, but also to thrive. To that end, it is critical we address rampant income inequality through decisive federal action. Additionally, I am running to fight for every Arizonan to receive healthcare, to fund our schools, and expand access to early childhood education. This is how we ensure people have the medical and educational resources they need to succeed.

Thinking long-term, it is critical that we protect voting rights and build green infrastructure. Caring for our democracy, our planet, and our workforce is essential. We need to end rampant voter suppression and reform our democratic process to ensure no person’s right to vote is infringed upon and that every person is confident that their vote matters. We need to invest in renewable energy solutions and crack down on those corporate and international loopholes that help the biggest emitters avoid regulations, while also working with international partners on global reductions of carbon emissions. Finally, we need to make sure everyone can get to school or work, be it online with universal broadband coverage or in-person with efficient and modern transportation systems.

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