Jessica Cisneros

U.S. House, TX-28

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I’m an immigration attorney who supports immigrant families just like mine. I support a pathway to citizenship, revamping the visa system, strengthening family reunification, and creating a humane border policy.

I’m committed to organized labor and support a $15 minimum wage. Because teachers made a big impact in my life, and for millions more across the country, I support increasing the salaries of teachers and protecting collective bargaining rights for workers.

When it comes to our democracy, it is best served when working-class people of color are fully integrated into the decision making process conducted inside our government. Our democracy is not for sale, and corporations do not get a vote or say in how our laws get passed. Representatives should be accountable only to their constituents for campaign contributions and decisions on policy. As a candidate, I will refuse all corporate PAC money and special interest dollars so that I am accountable only to the people of my district.

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