Zach Filtz

Virginia House of Delegates, District 99

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Zach doesn’t fit the typical candidate mold. He has been working in the gig economy and worked as a freelance writer for numerous publications over the years. There have been many points when he did not have job security and had to tackle many of the resulting challenges. Zach recognizes how much unemployment, expensive health insurance, low-speed internet, and environmental neglect impacts people lives. Too often the current Delegate toes the party line while not fighting for progressive policies that can benefit everyone in the 99th district if the district was just brave enough and work hard enough to get it done. Zach wants to represent the 99th District to continue listening to, amplifying, and working to resolve the issues most important to each and every resident. And he believes that his path, as a worker and regular resident makes him the right person for the job.

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