Karen Carter Peterson

U.S House, Louisiana 2

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Karen has never shied away from her progressive values — even in one of the reddest states.

When Republicans refused to expand health care to hundreds of thousands to people in Louisiana, she called it for what it was – racist. She backed those words up with action, and fought to get Medicaid Expansion passed to ensure over 400,000 Louisianans got access to quality health insurance. When state budgets proposed cutting services to public health, higher education and seniors, Karen was the only legislator to vote against the draconian cuts and push to restore those services. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Karen held Republican’s feet to the fire to help ensure families could get the money they needed in their pockets to rebuild.

If elected the first black woman to represent this district in Congress, Karen will continue to fearlessly elevate the issues that impact women and their families. Karen will fight for universal health care with the passage of Medicare for All, comprehensive COVID-19 relief including an additional $2,000 stimulus check, and a quality, strong public education system that puts our children and teachers first. Karen believes that the Green New Deal will help protect the future of the country for families and bring high paying jobs to the district. Karen pledges that she will continue to speak truth to power, shake things up, and take action to get things done for people.

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