Andrew Zarro

Portland City Council, District 4

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Andrew Zarro lives in Back Cove with his husband TJ Zarro and their two dogs Gene and Albus. He owns a local coffee shop that successfully operated in Woodfords Corner for almost three years, gaining lots of love and recognition locally and nationally. Andrew is very involved in local neighborhood organizations and community revitalization projects. He believes in creating a more inclusive community where there’s a seat for everyone at the table.

Andrew’s community is facing the enormous challenges of climate change, the moral awakening of racial and social injustices embedded in our countries DNA, and the socio-economic burdens of being less upwardly mobile than the generations before us. As a small business owner who has operated shops in Woodfords Corner and now in Downtown Portland, Andrew has worked diligently to meet the needs of his community and lead by example. As the former President of the Back Cove Neighborhood Association, he helped push forward the effort to make Portland free of pesticides, promote Aging in Place for older neighbors, and collaborate with other Associations to create an interconnected Neighborhood Association Committee bringing the organizations closer together. As a small business owner, Andrew has felt the devastating impacts of COVID19 on his business. He has seen it begin to tear away at the locally-owned businesses that make Portland such a desirable destination. Small businesses employ people that need a reliable livable wage, health insurance, and who should be able to live in the community where they work without fear that they will be priced out. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he believes queer spaces matter in all facets of our community, public and private. Andrew is running for City Council District 4 in hopes to bring LGBT+ voices to the table in our local government. Portland has not had an openly Queer person on the City Council in over a decade.

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