Chokwe Pitchford

Michigan State House, District 79

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Chokwe Pitchford was born to Chokwe and Kimberly Pitchford in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1999. They moved around a lot when he was young, and their main focus was attempting to provide the American Dream to Chokwe and his sisters. After seeing hurricane Katrina destroy the hospital he was born in; the crash in the housing market taking their home in Georgia, and suffering from a house fire in 2010 - Chokwe learned the American Dream just wasn’t obtainable for everyone.

Chokwe graduated from Countryside Academy in 2018, and finished his classes at Lake Michigan College, obtaining a degree in Political Science. He has served his community in various capacities, from being on a workgroup with the DHHS to re-open the state of Michigan, to being a task-force chair for the youth black caucus. He has also worked in various non-profits and higher education settings.

In 2018, there was a massive effort to shut down the Benton Harbor High School from foreign and domestic forces that seemed insurmountable. They knew the only way to obtain true representation was to become that representation, so he organized, and went into the community to affect change. Chokwe has managed campaigns, knocked doors, and done everything can do as an organizer to rebuild his community, but it hasn’t been enough. Chokwe knows he has to put himself out there and truly advocate for what is needed; investing in education, reforming of our healthcare system, making unions as strong as they were in the 20th century, and forming a criminal justice system that works for all. This work can be done at the state level and Chokwe is running to be a state representative to bring that change.

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