Maureen McIvor

Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner

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Maureen McIvor first moved to Gwinnett County when she was in eighth grade. She attended Summerour Middle School then Norcross High School — the high school that one of her two daughters now attends. After attending Georgetown University where she majored in American Government, Maureen came home to Gwinnett. She has been proud to raise her family here. She is a wife, a mom, and a leader with a proven track record of serving her community. Maureen has over 20 years of business leadership here in Gwinnett County, an MBA from Emory University, and a passion for improving her growing community.

Reading and understanding a property tax bill shouldn’t require an MBA. Maureen can help with that. Renewing one’s vehicle tags shouldn’t require a person to take time off from work. Maureen can help with that. Paying taxes shouldn’t be difficult. Treating taxpayers with a mindset of customer service can improve the experience, increase the likelihood of compliance, and ensure we have the funds to keep our schools and first responders functioning at an optimal level.

A substantial portion of Maureen’s life has been supporting the underserved through the YMCA. She has worked for years as a fundraiser for the scholarship fund which enables access to Y programs for those who can’t afford it. The economic consequences of the COVID Crisis will be felt most intensely by those who have the least. We should not proceed in a “business-as-usual” fashion demanding timely property tax payments knowing that many folks will be unable to make them in full, if at all. Nor should the normal consequences of liens and foreclosures be enforced. Creative approaches to dilemmas such as this are needed. We must balance respect for those recovering from this crisis with the fact that these same revenues are used to pay for schools, first responders, and a host of community services that all of us need and use. Maureen can balance these tensions.

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