Amanda Cappelletti

Pennsylvania State Senate, District 17

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Some people have a story that has driven them into politics; others were born into it. Amanda Cappelletti has neither of those. For as long as she can remember, Amanda has simply wanted to help. Developing her own skills and talents led to her obtaining a law degree and her Master’s in Public Health. After the 2016 elections, Amanda decided that helping meant getting involved in politics and using her privilege to support those who do not have the same advantages she does. Currently, she serves as the vice-chair of the East Norriton Board of Supervisors. She also has experience working and advocating in Harrisburg with Representative Donna Bullock, and as the Larry Frankel Legislative Fellow for the ACLU of Pennsylvania. Amanda was also a member of the inaugural class of William Penn through the Governor’s Office, which gave her the opportunity to work at the Office of Child Develop and Early Learning, and the Department of Human Services. Prior to choosing to run for this office, she was the Director of Policy for Planned Parenthood. She has the political and policy experience to develop and push for progressive policies in Harrisburg.

Like so many others, the outcome of the 2016 election first spurred Amanda to get involved in politics. In 2017, she ran for local office, and not long after beginning her term as the Vice-Chair of East Norriton Board of Supervisors, allegations came out against her current state senator regarding very inappropriate behavior. Since then, her opponent has been removed from caucus and removed and replaced on two of his committee assignments. Effectively, Amanda’s senate district has no voice in the State Senate right now and they deserve better. They deserve a senator who can represent them with dignity and respect. They deserve a voice in the State Senate.

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