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Jeff’s story is the story of the American dream. He was the first in his family to go to college. His dad was a union machinist and on his modest income, they had enough money to buy a home and go on summer camping trips. Jeff still lives in the same blue collar neighborhood with his wife Mary, a nurse and their terrier Sadie.

Jeff has spent his adult life fighting for people who need a chance. He led nonprofits to create affordable housing. He threw the payday lenders out of Oregon and put predatory mortgage lenders out of business across America. Jeff shut down the Wall Street casino that crashed the economy and he passed bills for LGBTQ+ equality. He even had the police called on him outside Donald Trump’s border prison for migrant children.

From his first election, jogging door to door with flyers printed from his home computer, Jeff knows that grassroots movements are the key to changing how government works and who it works for. Jeff led a people-powered Democratic takeover of the Oregon House for the first time in 16 years. He steered a one-seat majority to a string of progressive environmental, economic, labor, ethics, and civil rights victories.

Today, Jeff’s leading the battle to take on climate chaos, fight for electoral reforms to save our democracy, and strengthen the four foundations in which families thrive: health care, housing, education and good-paying jobs.

Jeff is running for reelection to the U.S. Senate in Oregon to make the world a better place. He is driven by a passion for helping people. Right now, Jeff sees three mega-crises before us. A climate crisis that threatens our very way of life. An opportunity crisis, where the four foundations in which families thrive —health care, housing, education and good-paying jobs—are sliding further out of reach. And a democracy crisis, with the super-wealthy and special interests systematically undermining the “We the People” vision of our Constitution with gerrymandering, dark money, and voter suppression.

Jeff has always fought for the underdog. From starting affordable housing programs to helping disaffected youth, he’s always tried to help folks that have the deck stacked against them. When he stood up for LGBTQ rights (and was threatened with arrest on the House floor), it didn’t deter him. He just fought harder and won. When an army of Wall Street lobbyists fought against Merkley’s Volcker rule to stop big banks from gambling with our future, he fought and won. When he heard rumors of child prisons at the border, Jeff didn’t just speak out, he went there and showed America the truth. And he’s remained a tenacious fighter for treating every person coming to our nation with dignity and respect. Jeff believes in doing what’s right and he’ll fight like hell to get it done.

Jeff has proven to be one of the strongest progressive leaders and he’s just getting started. He’s not afraid to speak truth to power.

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