Ranjeev Puri

Michigan State House of Representatives, District 21

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A father to two boys, husband to a small business owner and son of immigrants, Ranjeev understands the importance of enabling our future generations to succeed. He’s fighting for his kids, and yours, everyday.

After getting his MBA, Ranjeev wanted to work on helping to solve complex business solutions, which led him to his current role at Fiat-Chrysler. Everyday, he’s proud to join his colleagues working towards innovative solutions and helping to prepare us for the future of the automotive industry. We need legislatures who understand these opportunities available to Michigan, and the challenges we may face. We need holistic solutions, from producing the talent required by investing in our public education system, to fixing our infrastructure to prepare for mobility solutions, to building a regional transit system to attract and retain the talent of tomorrow.

To Ranjeev, leadership is about creating meaningful connections and ensuring everyone’s voice is being heard. His campaign is based on inclusion, equity, and equality, and he will fight to ensure we have a Michigan which works for everyone. As the son of immigrants, he has seen first-hand how hard families work in their pursuit of the American dream - one that he’s proud to say he is the product of. Thanks to the opportunities he has had, Ranjeev is a proud MBA, Canton homeowner, and father of two, and his goal is to work as hard for Michigan’s future as his parents worked for him.

Unfortunately, Michigan is increasingly becoming a place where your life trajectory is determined by the zip code in which you were born. We need to ask if we are doing everything we can to make Michigan work for all; everyone should have a seat at the table. Ranjeev has two young boys, and he is fighting to ensure they grow up in a state where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Right now, our schools are underfunded, our air and water are polluted, our healthcare is too expensive and inaccessible, and far too many families don’t have the resources they need to survive. And our politics are simply not equipped to address the issues right now. As his children grow up, Ranjeev needs to know he did everything in his power to fight back against corporate interests, and drive Michigan forward to a place in which they and every Michigander had the chance to reach their potential.

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