Travis Boldt

State House of Representatives, District 29

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Travis is married to his wife Christine, a physics teacher at Shadow Creek Ranch High School, and they live in Pearland where they raise their 2 year old son, Jude.

Travis has been operating a Senior Support Agency for the past 7 years. This has given him an up-close look at exactly how broken our Medicare/Medicaid system is and the challenges of fighting age and disability in Texas. He has been involved in advocacy work at the grassroots level and his work with the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy team was instrumental in developing the first state-wide plan to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

He is running to bring the Blue Wave to Brazoria County. Brazoria has been a traditional GOP stronghold for the past 30+ years, but with the surge in voter turnout in 2018, Democrats came within 5% of flipping this district. Winning this district would not only gives us the first elected Democrat in the county in decades, it could very well be the key to flipping the Texas State House, and with that comes solutions to Climate Change, Gun Violence, Criminal Justice Reform, Affordable Healthcare, and an end to Gerrymandering and Corporately-Owned politicians in Texas.

His campaign is funded by individual small-dollar donors and he has pledged to reject corporate PAC sponsorship and signed the NDRC pledge to implement fair districts. He is committed to standing up for the rights of racial and religious minorities and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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