TyJuan Thirdgill

Delhi Township Trustee

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TyJuan Thirdgill is a dedicated community activist and organizer. He grew up in Englewood, a neighborhood located on the South Side of Chicago; he sought to emulate his mother, who was a tireless advocate for her community. As a small child, he remembered waking up on Saturday mornings and seeing that his mom had already left to go volunteer in the community for the 17th Ward. TyJuan knocked his first door at the young age of ten, and it was at that moment that he fell in love with local politics and volunteering within the community. ​ TyJuan is running for Delhi Township Trustee because he wants to help bring a fresh perspective and new innovative solutions to the board. The township needs individuals from diverse backgrounds to ensure that all viewpoints are at the table and are a part of the conversation when discussing the future of the Township. As an African American college student from a different generation than everyone on the board, TyJuan sees the problems the Township faces through a different lens than the other members of the board. I hope you join us as we fight to overcome the aftermath of COVID-19 and build a stronger, healthier community for all of Delhi Township.

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