Nina Ahmad

Pennsylvania Auditor General

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Nina understands struggle and oppression and the quest for freedom and the price many pay for it. Growing up during the violent Liberation war of Bangladesh, Nina learned that the ultimate sacrifice of three million people and the brutalization of over 200,000 women and girls allowed her to be free. She survived and waited tables through college before getting a doctorate at UPenn.

Nina is a mom who achieved success as a molecular biologist and entrepreneur while being involved in public service as a civic leader. Most recently, Nina served as Philadelphia Deputy Mayor for Public Engagement, an office she established to ensure that community voices were represented in public policy.

Nina believes the Auditor General’s office can be a powerful tool for progressive change and is running to deliver real results in the fight for equality, accountability, and transparency. Her work as a public servant, small business owner, community activist, and scientist makes her uniquely suited for this office. The Auditor General is more than an accountant and bean counter. It is part of the Executive Branch responsible for setting a strategic vision for Pennsylvania. As a scientist, Nina understands the value of data and the power of analysis and will provide evidence-based leadership with the awareness that individual and community voices must not be marginalized.

As the chief fiscal watchdog of PA, Nina will ensure that all state money is spent with integrity. She will show clearly with data and political leadership that programs and policies which help the most vulnerable, are not just compassionate but also fiscally prudent. She will shine a bright light on sexual harassment in government and abuse of public funds for undisclosed settlements; address the affordability of life-saving medicines; make investments so every child receives a high-quality education; use data and resources to help lawmakers call out the NRA and pass effective gun safety legislation.

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