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Sara Gideon is a proud mom, wife, sister, daughter, and currently the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. Throughout her time in public service, Sara has prioritized listening to Mainers and working with others to get things done. Under Governors representing both parties, Sara has shown an ability to deliver results while standing up for people across Maine. Whether as a member of her local town council, as a State Representative and now Speaker of the House, Sara has focused on using her office to improve the lives of Maine families. Sara is running for U.S. Senate because she believes too many politicians in Washington are focused on protecting special interest groups rather than the interests of the people they’re supposed to represent.

Sara has always stood up for a woman’s right to choose. As newly appointed Supreme Court justices, confirmed by Sara’s opponent, threaten the future of Roe vs. Wade and state legislatures across the country pass laws banning abortion in almost all circumstances, Sara has led the fight to make sure women in Maine remain in control of their reproductive health care decisions. Sara Gideon can defeat Susan Collins and deliver results for people across Maine — but it will take a movement to do so, join us and help flip the Senate from red to blue this November.

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