Robyn Stanicki

State Senate, District 11

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Robyn grew up on a rural farm, enduring challenging lessons of poverty and foster care. As a homeless teenager, she struggled to find a place that felt safe. She saw little to no opportunity for herself, everywhere she looked. She had a hard time keeping a job. She didn’t eat well, and she had numerous health problems because of that.

After 10 years as a military spouse, and working for the U.S Army as a behavioral health tech, Robyn came home to Maine as a single mother of three, and served veterans readjusting to life after deployment. When she became injured and lost her job, she tried to go back to school. She was unsuccessful without help.

Robyn was finally accepted by a state retraining program and graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in both Social Work, and Sociology, and immediately returned for graduate school to study Higher Education and Human Development.

In 2017, Robyn introduced an initiative to expand higher education to working parents like herself, with a program that extends over 500 grants for education and retraining. Her work is critical to Maine’s fight against the effects of poverty, and she takes great pride in helping people that are in a position she has years of experience with.

Her experiences taught her that change requires persistence and drive. Robyn became a social worker to jump in and fight on the front lines of social justice, fairness, and equity. She became a researcher and quality improvement coach to make the right choices using data-driven, evidence based facts, and to identify barriers to getting the job done.

Robyn wants to ensure all Maine families have the opportunities to contribute and thrive in their communities. She will work to reduce poverty and systemic inequity, improve economic security and pathways for family independence, and strengthen the critical programs and services that help support Maine families.

We now have new leadership that is willing to listen and work to bring change, and this brings Robyn hope. We have an opportunity to lead the nation in more ways than just the first sunshine. Maine can be a model of compassion and support for the most vulnerable among us, so that they too can serve their communities.

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