Jim Harper

Congressional District 1, Indiana

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Jim Harper is an advocate. After graduating at the top of his Georgetown Law class and clerking for a federal judge, he moved to New Orleans to work in the underfunded public defender’s office. For five years, Jim was proud to fight for those who had no one else to fight for them. Along with friends, he also co-founded a national non-profit law firm that has represented hundreds of disabled veterans for little or no fee. In 2014, he returned home to Indiana. He has continued his service as a public defender. He also serves on the board of a non-profit that provides high-quality early childhood education to local families. In addition to this work, Jim has been engaged politically. In 2018, he was the Democratic nominee for Indiana Secretary of State. In that campaign, he advocated for rules that would make the local election system more fair, transparent, and secure. While he was unsuccessful, he garnered more votes than any Democrat in recent years. Jim also prevailed in the 1st Congressional District by a large margin.

This is a critical time in our country’s history. Crushing income inequality, the climate crisis, and an erosion of our democratic values and institutions pose threats to our country and our world. We need bold, progressive action in order to ensure that our democracy endures and that all Americans can share in our prosperity. Despite the dysfunction in Washington, Jim still believes that we can accomplish big things. He is inspired by the progressive energy that we have seen since 2016. He is running for Congress because he wants to work with progressive leaders to ensure economic justice by repealing the Trump tax cuts and passing Medicare for All. He wants to advocate for our planet and fight for a Green New Deal. And he wants to hold this President accountable for his lawlessness and his persistent actions that undermine our democratic values.

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