Eric Morrison

State House of Representatives, District 27

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Eric is a lifelong Delawarean, raised by hardworking lower middle class parents. As the first person from his family to attend college, he graduated from the University of Delaware Honors Program with an English major, a history minor, a concentration in Ethnic & Cultural Studies, and an Advanced Honors Certificate. Eric has been active in his community since the age of 13, participating in volunteer and leadership positions in various organizations. He has also helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for various charities. He has worked as a teacher and tutor, as a business analyst in Medicaid health insurance, and as a human resources project manager.

For some time now, Eric has worked as a progressive political, legislative, and social activist. He has organized events educating the community about issues of vital importance. He has worked diligently for progressive Democratic political candidates at local and State levels—knocking doors, phone-banking, writing, and holding campaign leadership positions. He has learned an immense amount about the legislative process and how elected officials can best serve their constituents and all Delawareans—not just in the State Capital—but in their own communities.

Today, the call to public service has never been stronger for Eric. Rarely in American history have we so desperately needed bold leadership in elected offices at all levels. Eric believes that his character, life experiences, and community service uniquely qualify him to serve his district’s fellow residents, and all Delawareans, as the next State Representative for the 27th District.

Not long ago, a Delaware State Representative whom Eric admires, told him: “What we really need, more than anything else, is people running for office for the right reasons.” Eric knows that he is running for office for the right reasons. We need elected officials with a longstanding commitment to community and public service. We need elected officials who are loyal and dedicated to their constituents and to all Delawareans—not self-interests, special interests, corporations, or the wealthy. We need elected officials who focus steadfastly on issues and solutions.

Eric firmly believes in people-powered politics, as his “boots on the ground” progressive activism in recent years has shown. His campaign is a true grassroots one, from wonderful community volunteers to generous individual donors who are the financial backbone of the campaign. He will not accept contributions from corporations, special business interests, the fossil fuel industry, or related PACs.

Eric’s platform includes public education funding reform and expanded higher education opportunities; serious criminal justice and healthcare reform; living wages; quality jobs of the future; electoral and campaign finance reform; legalizing cannabis; expanding the fight against Delaware’s opioid crisis; ensuring clean water for all Delawareans; protecting our precious and unique environment; common sense gun control measures; and protecting women’s rights, LGBT equality, and the most vulnerable among us like seniors, children, the less affluent, veterans, and documented and undocumented immigrants.

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