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Will is a proud son of South Jersey. He was raised by a single mother living paycheck to paycheck at an hourly wage job. Without paid leave, sickness meant eviction. His family was constantly moving, and frequently spent several months at a time without heat, hot water, or electricity. They were homeless for half of his high school career.

Despite these obstacles, Will was able to gain acceptance into Brown University. At Brown, he made a promise to himself to always fight for vulnerable populations to ensure others were afforded the same opportunities as him.

Public service has been the conduit for Will to pay his good fortune forward. He paid it forward by joining Teach for America and teaching in a low-income school. He paid it forward by fighting credit card companies at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to ensure fair consumer terms. He paid it forward crafting impactful legislation as a policy advisor to Senator Cory Booker. He paid it forward by investigating pharmaceutical companies to make prescription drugs more affordable and accessible. Most recently, he has paid it forward as a Chief Investigator in the House of Representatives Oversight Committee for the late Chairman Elijah Cummings.

His investigations have held reckless corporations accountable. This past summer, Will’s investigation of e-cigarette maker JUUL resulted in the firing of the company’s CEO and a fruit flavor ban of e-cigarette pods nationwide.

Will is passionate about bringing real change to South Jersey, and knows that he has the qualifications to do so. He also knows that his community has been betrayed.

In 2018, he ran against Jeff Van Drew in the Democratic primary. Although Jeff had the support of the entire New Jersey political machine behind him, Will ran because he knew Van Drew’s values did not align with real Democrats. While in state government, he voted against same-sex marriage, environmental protection, gun control, and minimum wage increases. Will was endorsed by the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence, because it was clear nationally what a danger Van Drew was to democratic principles.

Will is saddened and furious that he was correct. Van Drew voted against Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. He then proceeded to vote against the impeachment inquiry, the impeachment itself, and ultimately switched to the Republican party, culminating with a Trump rally in South Jersey this past January 28th.

South Jersey deserves a real Democrat with proven results on Capitol Hill. Will’s six years on the Hill make him the most qualified person in his race.

However, the experience that makes Will the most qualified to represent South Jersey is his intimate understanding of the struggles of working families. His mother, to this day, is still an hourly wage worker making $11/hr. Despite his accomplishments, Will does not have to look very far at all to see the struggles of the community. South Jersey needs a trusted individual with a track record of results. Will intends to use all his insight to better the lives of his community in his beloved South Jersey community.

Will’s life experiences greatly inform his sense of what is fair, just, and right. Thirty-four years ago, he was born to a teenage mother in the poorest county in New Jersey. He is living proof that there is potential for anyone no matter how dire the circumstances if the right resources and opportunities are made available.

However, it is critical that families have the means to survive. He will fight for a $15 minimum wage, because he knows all too well how families making less than that struggle paycheck after paycheck. Will believes that no one in this country should have to experience the kind of hardship he had to endure growing up. As Congressman, he will advocate to expunge records of non-violent drug offenders. It is unconscionable that Americans with marijuana convictions are economically hampered in finding employment and housing after having paid their debt to society.

He will fight for free community college so that all Americans that want to improve their circumstances have a pathway to do so in a manner that creates local jobs by enriching local citizens.

On Capitol Hill, Will has already fought “big pharma”, “big tobacco”, and “big for-profit education” and has won. His investigations as Chief Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor on the Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy have benefited Americans on a national level. It would be the honor of Will’s lifetime to leverage his experience for results in South Jersey and vulnerable populations across the nation.

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