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Royce is a 27-year State Senator from Dallas, Texas seeking to bring a positive, progressive agenda to Texas through continued service in the United States Senate. He has taken the lead on many, many progressive reforms in the Texas Senate, including writing and passing both the Texas body camera and dash camera laws.

Royce is running for U.S. Senate because Texas needs an experienced leader who can bring progressive change not only to Texas, but to the nation. He is a coalition builder–he has worked across the aisle to bring Republicans over to support very progressive issues because he believes in having a dialogue with people to bring about change. He wants to bring leadership to the Senate that will pass a $15 minimum wage, a comprehensive healthcare plan, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, equal pay legislation and more. It is time for Texans to have a true Democratic leader who will fight for Democratic values in the United States Senate. Royce is that leader, and he will fight–as he has for 27 years–to bring about positive changes in the lives of Texans. From rural Texas to urban Texas, he wants to enhance the lives of every Texan by fighting for infrastructure including rural internet connectivity, better public transportation funding for urban areas, and more.

Royce’s track record embodies DFA values from 1993 to the present. When the HIV/AIDS epidemic hit Dallas in the early 1990s, he was on the front lines, helping make sure our brothers and sisters got those services they needed. He has challenged structural racism and violence against communities of color by passing laws like the dash camera and body camera bill in Texas. He has been a strong supporter of reproductive justice, and stood with Wendy Davis to block legislation that would impair the right to choose. His campaign embodies these values because he has built a team of people who personally share and embody these values. Royce has lived these values his entire life.

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