Cheryle Renee Moses

State Senate, District 9

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In 2018’s divisive atmosphere, Cheryle was inspired to run for office as a first-time candidate in a GOP stronghold district (R+31) in Gwinnett County, GA. The seat had basically gone unopposed by the Democratic Party for many terms. Gwinnett is the most diverse county in Georgia and the southeast. In the years that Cheryle had lived in nearby Lawrenceville, the GOP incumbent had never reached out to his non-white constituency, and his stand on issues was detrimental to many in this minority-majority county.

Cheryle was told by the local Democratic Party that the seat would be very hard to win. So with very little campaign money, she could only use her creativity, marketing and grassroots activism experience. She went out in the district knocking on doors, holding group issue conversations and using guerrilla-style marketing. With exciting support from the constituency, Cheryle received 49.1% of the votes in the general election. And if the election had not been stolen in Georgia, with thousands of ballots thrown away and corrupted, she knows she would have been able to tip the scale. This year, Cheryle has unfinished business in flipping Georgia State Senate District 9 blue.

A born leader, she stands boldly against injustices, and is unapologetically Black. Cheryle speaks truth to power. Her track record in the community and her campaign for State Senate embodies the values of DFA.

Cheryle is committed to developing ways to address and overcome personal, interpersonal, institutional and systemic racism. She supports human and civil rights movements including equality, voting, education, LGBT, African-American reparations, Black Lives Matter and immigration.

For years, she has held community conversations with law enforcement and politicians to over-policing and immigration issues with recommended solutions. Lack of dignity, equality and equity for communities must be addressed in various ways. For example, working with the community to address diversity and inclusion in technology, Cheryle teaches computer coding to marginalized toddlers, youth, and adults through WeCodeAcademy. In an effort to knock down generational, cultural and language barriers, she founded the international Urban Mediamakers Film Festival. There is a lack of support for Black-owned businesses, so she started the Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce.

She is a talker AND a doer. Many politicians today have forgotten who they serve and why they were elected. People-powered politics is needed in Georgia. Cheryle would be proud to represent the people, do the work and get the results they deserve.

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