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State House of Representatives, District 44

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Connie Di Cicco grew up in Roswell, Georgia, on seven acres with her two brothers. They were fortunate to have her grandmother living next door, and every Wednesday was dinner at Grandma’s house. Her family is still close-knit today, and they all live within an hour of each other. Connie was also lucky to be raised in a family that valued hard work, accountability, and humor. Weekends were spent helping in her father’s construction business, and her parents instilled in her the ideal of “leaving things better than you found them.” She taught that to her own children.

Connie went to public schools and graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Georgia. She met her husband at Florida State, where they both received Masters in Film-making. Her background is in documentary film, and it’s been the foundation of her advocacy work. Connie spent the past two years working as Chief of Staff for a State House Representative and has had a front row seat to what happens under the Gold Dome. She understands the need for change.

This campaign, for Connie, is about the stories we’re listening to, the people who are telling them, and the questions they’re asking. This is about moving Georgia out of the dark ages and being progressive: pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-gay marriage. This is about leaving things better than we found them - accessible, affordable healthcare, protecting our environment, and providing quality education to all our students.

This is about Georgia. Connie is running because representation matters, and it’s time for change and compassion in House District 44.

Growing up as the only girl among two brothers, Connie was often assigned inside chores like washing dishes, while her brothers were given outside work, like moving piles of bricks. She refused to be defined by anyone or anything, and creepy spiders be damned, she would carry piles of bricks alongside her brothers until eventually, they all had the same chores. Times change, but the workload doesn’t. There’s an awful lot of heavy lifting to be done in our district and our state.

And that’s why Connie is running.

She doesn’t believe in leaving people out, or in people being left behind. We succeed when we’re part of a community, when we’re together. That means healthcare. That means education. That means equal justice. That means people loving who they want. That means all faces are beautiful. That means we all get a say. That means we listen to each other. We see each other. We celebrate each other. That is how we win, together.

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