Summer Lee

State Representative, District 34

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Summer Lee is a lawyer and local organizer who decided that real changes were needed across the district, and that the status quo wasn’t equitable. She set out to became the first Black Woman from Southwestern Pennsylvania to hold the office of State Representative, and she won with more than sixty percent of the vote in a race against a twenty year incumbent.

Since taking office in 2019, Summer has been a voice for people across the district, championing initiatives that support sustainable jobs, environmental responsibility, police accountability, and gender and racial equality. She’s been a tireless advocate for workers’ rights and the fight for a $15 minimum wage. These are the things that were overlooked by long term incumbents in the region and exactly what she ran for office to fight for.

In 2018, Summer ran on an unabashedly progressive platform that recognized all working, marginalized people as having been left behind by leaders and the economy, and she won because the people of her district recognized that political power should come from a rallied and unified working class, and not from the the same entrenched, establishment figures that have been in power for generations.

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