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Congressional District 5

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Mckayla, along with her younger brother and sister, was raised in Suitland, Maryland, where money was scarce and her family relied significantly on welfare benefits like TANF, SNAP, and WIC. In the late ‘90’s, her family moved to Waldorf, bringing them closer to the extended family that played a crucial role in her upbringing. On September 11th, 2001, Mckayla’s world was shattered when her beloved aunt, Sharon Carver, a civilian employee at the Department of the Army, was one of the 125 victims of the attack on the Pentagon.

As a teenager, Mckayla struggled to make sense of the world and began acting out, skipping classes, and running away from home. Between ages 14 and 17, she was in and out of juvenile detention. She witnessed firsthand how our criminal justice system fails to support and rehabilitate troubled youth, instead allowing mistreatment and humiliation.

Mckayla did everything within her power to turn her life around. She has worked diligently to create a brighter future for herself and her two amazing children. To support her young family, Mckayla found work as an administrative assistant for the Department of Defense and enrolled in community college. Throughout it all, she has engaged in activism: for the homeless population of Waldorf, for the defense of civil liberties, for sufficient education funding, and more.

Mckayla is running because she believes there is an urgency in this moment. She’s running to fight for affordable housing, because she knows the impact that the housing crisis is having on communities in MD-05 and across the nation. She’s running to pass Medicare for All, because she believes that healthcare is a human right. She’s running to enact a Green New Deal, because we are the last generation who has a chance to prevent climate catastrophe. She’s running to dismantle the Prison-Industrial and Military-Industrial Complexes. Mckayla is running because the current representative has failed to take sufficient action on any of these issues.

Without a doubt, our political system has been and continues to be dominated by corporate money and lobbying. Mckayla believes it’s time to prioritize the concerns of working families in the district. They need a clear voice for bold, progressive policies, not a mouthpiece for corporate interests that slow down meaningful change to preserve their bottom lines. They need a representative who cares more about amplifying the voice of the people, rather than silencing their criticism in order to hold onto power and maintain the status quo. They need a representative who hears our voices, feels our pain, and lives our struggles.

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